About Us

Car parking is a strategic business because it deals with customers who need servicing, market share which needs capturing, profits which need maximizing and costs which need minimizing.

Part of Secure Parking Worldwide, Secure Parking Corporation was established in 1997 as a regional office for the Middle East headquartered in Beirut.

In the Middle East region, the early trend of building/lot owners operating themselves their car parks is now shifting towards outsourcing their car park management.

In fact, when Secure Parking takes over a car park, an enormous difference in customer services improvement and revenue gains is clearly achieved.

Secure Parking promotes car parking as a wealth generating business and promotes strategic alliance with landlords as the only way to operate car parks.

Secure Parking takes pride in being a professional, efficient and reliable firm dedicated to:

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Hands on Committed Management
  • Motivated Staff
  • Innovative and Targeted Marketing
  • Astute Financial Management
  • Superior Audit Control

If your organization could benefit from turning your parking area into a professional and more rewarding operation, look no further than the car parking industry leader…..Secure Parking.

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About Us