Secure Parking is passionate about our industry and continues to operate to the highest standards, to optimise and streamline all processes and to ensure maximum efficiency and the highest levels of customer service.


As parking specialists with over 40 years experience, Secure Parking is also involved in many consultancy services covering tasks such as:

  • Static Capacity and Demand Analysis
  • Master Planning Design Guidelines
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Allocation of Areas for various type of users
  • Parking Access and Egress Adequacy
  • Internal Planning
  • Signage and Way Finding Review
  • Circulation and Traffic Flow
  • Access Control Equipment and Mode of Payment
  • Parking Management Systems
  • Parking Management and Guidance Systems
  • Parking Operational Guidelines

The above services are fundamental for the successful operation of the car parks and where our valuable recommendations have saved our clients time and money, as well as making the car park more convenient and safe..